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Open Letter to PM - Bringing Paypal to Pakistan - Emerald Tech

November 4, 20180

The Freelance Industry in Pakistan is in full bloom. Young programmers of Pakistan are taking over global freelance market with their passion, hard work and brilliance. Despite of Indians programmers being in large number, Pakistanis are professionally competing hand in hand with Indians.

Clients are impressed by Pakistani Freelancers availability and dedication to completing their job


On freelance websites like, and others, When clients post projects, they prefer Pakistanis over Indians mostly due to their competence and more availability.

However, Pakistanis are at a big disadvantage against Indians when it comes to receiving payments and that is, we don’t have PayPal in Pakistan. This results in lower profits for us. Every single client for whom we work in long term, asks for PayPal. They want a payment method which has no hassle and is easy for them. When paying through PayPal, the client and the freelancer can both avoid the high fee that job portals like Upwork charge them.

The famous payment methods available for Pakistanis are: Payoneer, Skrill and Xoom. All of them are difficult for clients to use. When sending through Payoneer, Many of our clients had to call their banks several times to get payment approved. Some tried transferring through ATM but couldn’t, in short it was quite difficult for them. As far as Skrill is concerned, they have increased their fees on transactions for business accounts, so it is no longer feasible. Xoom also asks for a lot of detail and information, so people find it a hassle to use. That is where paypal comes in, being an easier, reliable and safe payment gateway.

Bringing Paypal to Pakistan will not only help the freelancers but will greatly increase the volume of Software Export from Pakistan and will have positive impact on economy and foreign exchange.

Yumna Tatheer

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