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July 1, 20170

I recently used membermouse plugin for wordpress so I thought I will share my insights about it. This plugin provides a platform for membership based websites, subscriptions and a lot more. It has payment gateways integrated and also a test payment method which is very usefeul and can be used while development for test payments.

Overall the plugin provides a lot of functionality and seems to be a very good fit for a membership subscription based website. On the other hand there are some shortcomings too. The plugin is a premium product so the company has hidden/encrypted a lot of code. This is a serious problem when you are trying to integrate it with existing system. Its not flexible and scale able. The product does have hooks for executing desired actions at certain points but they are quite few and are not much useful. The documentation is not comprehensive too. You also cannot find much troubleshoot information about it. Overall for me it wasn’t a good experience because I had to extend it and integrate it with company’s accounting system. I hope, the developers of MemberMouse realize that encrypting the source does not make them safe, but it does make the plugin very complex to use in certain situations. I would say if you have a system where you do not require integration or customization of plugin, it isn’t a bad choice otherwise not =)

Yumna Tatheer

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