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Upworks Vs Toptal - Emerald Tech

August 30, 20150

I started my journey as a freelancer from Elance. After several months, I started getting jobs there. I got excellent reviews and a five star rating on those jobs. One Major problem with Elance was constant competition with low-priced inexperienced developers. Every time I placed a bid, i had to prove myself through my proposal and give a competitive price so i could stand out of 50-60 other applicants. The competition was tough and growing everyday. Elance-Odesk merger into Upwork resulted in further increasing this competition. People were biding at extremely low rates like $5 for a project. I decided to look for a new freelancing platform.

I tried searching for good and reliable freelancing platforms other than Upwork and I came to know about When I read about their screening process, I was convinced that this is what I was looking for. I wanted a place where only seasoned developers or at least people who knew how to code could bid. I searched more for and found many good reviews for it on and other websites.

Most of the developers working there were happy. Since everyone is a professional there, people don’t need to lower their prices uselessly to win projects. After knowing all this, I registered there and now i am all set to go for screening process. I really want to be a part of Toptal Web Developer Group know its tough, but i am confident that i will pass 🙂

Yumna Tatheer

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