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Skrill Asking For IBAN - Emerald Tech

February 9, 20131

Recently skrill ( modified the withdrawl process for wire transfer to banks. When withdrawing money, they  ask for your  IBAN . Now

What is IBAN?

IBAN is international Bank Account Number, which can be generated from your local bank account number and swift code easily. IBAN its not a new information, it is generated by your bank account number and swift code after doing some calculations on it.

I faced a lot of trouble when i called Bank Alfalah, Lahore and asked them my IBAN. They told me Alafalah does not have an IBAN. I called them again and same reply. Then i decided to so something on my own. I used a tool to generate the IBAN and also followed the steps given by State Bank Of Pakistan to verify that my IBAN was correct. Luckily I was able to generate the correct number and received my money from skrill in my account 2 days back.

Use this tool to calculate IBAN.

Yumna Tatheer

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  • Skrill

    February 16, 2013 at 5:25 am

    Well, This is really Nice but They should Provide IBAN.

    You can also this GUI tool:

    Thank you


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